LMIC Funds

Are you interested in supporting a LMIC project or fund? There are more than 30 established fund accounts created to support LMIC and the ASI department.

Here are a few options to consider:

• Amos J. Kahrs Student Enrichment Fund — Provide financial assistance to ASI judging teams.

• Beef Cattle Research Center Fund — Support repair and upkeep of feedyard and facilities, labor work experience, and new facilities.

• Don L. Good Excellence in Animal Ag — Support ASI faculty and students through research assistance, scholarships and LMIC operations.

• Earl Brookover Fund — Support LMIC projects.

• KSU Meat Science Association Excellence Fund — Provide financial assistance to the KSU Meat Science Association.

• Kiracofe Lecture Series — Support Kiracofe physiology lectures.

• Livestock & Meat Industry Council Fund — Support LMIC projects.

• LMIC Equine Education Center Building Fund — Provide support for the LMIC Equine Education Center Building.

• LMIC Lewellen Scholarship — Support KSU Livestock Judging Team and other LMIC projects.

• LMIC Stockmen’s Dinner — Support the annual Stockmen’s Dinner.

• Miles McKee Student Enrichment Account — Honor Miles McKee and provide financial assistance to KSU ASI Department.

• Poultry Facilities Support Fund — Provide support for maintenance, daily care and student employees of the Tom Avery Poultry Research Farm.

• Silas & Bertha Bergsma LMIC Memorial — Support LMIC projects.

• Stanley Stout Center Fund — Support the KSU Livestock Marketing Center in memory of Stanley E. Stout.

• Swine Enhancement Fund — Provide support for swine facilities and student development.

• Walter M. and Frances A. Lewis Endowment for Animal Research and Education — Support K-State ASI animal research and education.

If you have questions about donating to these or other LMIC projects/funds you can contact Kim Harms, LMIC treasurer, at [email protected]