KSU LMIC Family Network

In December 2020, the LMIC board voted to enhance the LMIC organization by implementing a K-State LMIC Family Network.  The goal of the LMIC Family is to cultivate relationships with individuals involved or interested in the livestock and meat industry and with a passion for the K-State Animal Sciences and Industry department.

“With this group we hope to create, promote and grow an extended network of individuals who believe in the purpose of the Livestock & Meat Industry Council,” says Rich Porter, LMIC president. “We will strive to keep this network of individuals up-to-date on current LMIC projects and needs of the department. Just as Dr. Good’s vision, our hope is to rally our KSU ASI stakeholders and enhance the function of the LMIC Board and support the ASI department.”

Membership is free and open to anyone. Members will receive three email newsletters a year. The e-newsletters will include department highlights, LMIC projects and other industry news.