K-State Livestock Meat Industry Council Supports New Dairy Unit

The Livestock Meat Industry Council Inc. (LMIC) announced today that it is committing $250,000 over the next five years to support the building of a new dairy facility at Kansas State University. This facility would be focused on educating students and training future employees for the dairy industry as well as enhancing research and extension capabilities in K-State’s Animal Science and Industry Department (ASI).

The current dairy facility, K-State’s Dairy Teaching and Research Center (DTRC), was built in 1977 and has been home to research and teaching of dairy nutrition, reproduction, health, housing and management.

“The unit provides hands-on experience and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students,” says Dr. Mike Day, ASI department head. “We’re fortunate to have it located close to campus so our students and faculty have easy access to facilities, technology and training that prepares them for work in the dairy industry. Students are involved in various aspects of the dairy operation, including milking, feeding, maintenance, health and wellness, data analysis, and research projects. Today our unit is facing many challenges due to the aging facilities.”

Bill Miller, LMIC president, explains, “LMIC is ASI’s advisory council and is comprised of leaders across all of the animal agriculture industries in Kansas. The Council recognized the importance of developing a modern, cutting-edge dairy to support the department’s teaching, research, and extension missions. This significant investment will help advance a project that will increase ASI’s capacity to educate students to produce future employees for the dairy industry and to train the next generation of dairy scientists. We are excited to see this effort come to fruition.”

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The Livestock and Meat Industry Council, Inc (LMIC), a Kansas corporation, through primary cooperation with Kansas State University (KSU), is dedicated to facilitating interdisciplinary education and research that improves the global competitiveness and efficiency of animal and food production. For more about LMIC, visit ksulmic.org.

The Kansas State University Department of Animal Sciences and Industry serves students, livestock producers and the animal and food industries through teaching, research and education. The K-State ASI department prepares students for careers in the animal and food industries. The curriculum includes the study of nutrition, reproduction, genetics, behavior, meat science and food science with production, management, and agribusiness skills. For more about K-State’s ASI department, visit asi.ksu.edu.